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Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Life is Such

Hello Everyone:
I started this blog in the year 2012 when I was going through a troublesome phase in my life. I was going to Darjeeling from Siliguri in a bus when someone told to keep a fast on Thursday so as to Please Lord Brihaspati. I rubbished it because I never believed in such things at that time. Nevertheless, I began to keep a fast because my life was going downhill, and hoping against hope that things would improve from where I stood. Yes, I began to fast mainly because I did not have a baby and to strengthen my financial conditions. At that time, I read all the stories regarding Brihaspati and memorized the different mantras, mainly "Om Brim Brihaspatey Nama". My intention of writing this blog was to help other people who were suffering, not suffering but going through difficulties like me so that they did not have to waste their time searching in the net for Brihaspati mantras, Brihaspati stories, Brihaspati arati etc. I wanted all these things to be available under one roof. With that in mind I started this blog. I have a baby daughter now. Hey, I just want to tell my readers that our difficulties in life do not end after getting married or having kids or earning money. I feel that both happiness and difficulties go hand in hand. By the way, I started this blog in 2012 and after writing for some time, I completely forgot about it and this October something made me check my blog that I had written 4 years ago. To my surprise, it was still there. Around 36,000 people had viewed my blog, not bad I thought. Dear readers I am not all good at making an attractive blog, but I will give it a try and hopefully, I will get all your support.

Thank you

Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Brihaspati Mantras

In the higher sense Jupiter is the divine grace, which can fulfill all of our needs without our seeking. He gives religious merit and spiritual beneficence. The other most important aspect of Jupiter is that he gives us true knowledge and wisdom as opposed to information based intelligence, which is the function of Mercury.
The power of Mantras & Shlokas has been acknowledged since time immemorial. A Mantra can consist of a powerful word or a combination of words and can be used for self realization, for freedom from worries, to fulfill one's desires, to ward off the effects of malefic planets, to bring you success, peace and contentment -- the range is truly vast. You can choose for yourself.
The following is the special name (nama) mantra for the Jupiter as preceded by it's Shakti or power mantra. It can be used to connect with the planetary deity and to energize all the higher powers of the Jupiter. 

"Om Strim brahm brihaspataye Namah"
The word 'Strim' in above mantra denotes Starana Shakti, the power of expanding, unfolding, blossoming and evolving. (The word 'Strim' should be pronounced as 'Streem'.)
The following mantras are also considered very good for planet Jupiter. You may opt to recite one of the following mantra if you find it comparatively easy to remember.

"Om graam greem graum sah brihasptaye namah"

"Om vrim brihaspataye namah"

Gayatri Mantra for Jupiter:
"Om Suraachaarya Vidmahe, Surasreshtaya dhimahi, tanno guruh prachodayat"
This Gayatri mantra consists of three parts. The first is the chants to the Jupiter. The second is the mantra proper. The third is a summary of the mantra's energies.
The Gayatri mantra is chanted at sunrise, noon and sunset. At dawn it is called Gayatri, the youthful form of the Goddess, consort of Lord brahma, the creator. It is called Savitri, the mature form, at noon, the consort
of Lord Shiva. It is called Sarasvati, the elderly form, at sunset, the consort of Lord Vishnu.
You may also opt to chant following Puranic mantra for propiating the Jupiter (19,00 times).

Thursday, 23 February 2012


“Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya”

"Om Namo Narayanaya"







"Aum Narayanaye Vidmahe
Vasudavaye Dhimahi
Tanno Vishnu Prachodayat".

In the solar system, Guru, Brihaspati or Jupiter as his popularly known occupies the second largest position after the Sun.  Jupiter is revered as celestial preceptor of the Gods.  Worship of Brihaspati or Guru (JUPITER) Devata results in a cure from ailments affecting the stomach and helps one to ward off his/her sins, helps him / her in gaining strength, valor, longevity etc.  He grants the boon of fatherhood to the childless, good education. Thursdays are considered to be the best day for the worship of Jupiter. Following is the katha (story) which is recited by the devotee, who is fasting and praying to Brihaspati Dev on Thursdays --
Once Lord Indra, surrounded by many gods, Rishis, Kinnaras and Gondharvas sat on his throne in a proud mood.  As guru Brihaspati reached there all of them except Indra stood up to pay respect. Indra used to pay obedience to his guru regularly but he showed discourtesy at that time. Brihaspati felt bad and left his palace.  As Brihaspati left the palace, Lord Indra realized his mistake and repented over his action.  He felt that all his luxurious possessions were due to his guru blessings.  Guru anger will turn it to dust.
Indra decided to go to Brihaspati and tender apology for his action.  It may pacify his anger.  He went to Brihaspati.  Brihaspati intuited that Indra was coming to his Ashram.  He avoided meeting out of anger and disappeared immediately.  Lord Indra returned home disappointed.  A demon god Vrishvarsha, sensed this situation and went to his guru Shukracharya. He begged his guru’s permission to attack Indrapuri, the kingdom of Lord Indra in those circumstances.  Shukracharya permitted him. The demon god surrounded Indrapuri and made a sudden attack.  In the absence of Guru Brihaspati blessings, the gods lost all battles one after the other.

After his defeat, the gods went to Lord Brahma and related the whole story.  He begged for safety and asked for some strategy.  Lord Brahma said, You have not done good by disgracing Brihaspati.  Anyway go to Vishwaroopa the learned son of Twashta.  Request him to become your priest.  His blessings can save you.  They went to Twashta and sought his blessings.  Twashta said, By becoming your priest, I do not want to lessen my virtues but you go to my son Vishwaroopa.  He will oblige you by accepting your request for priesthood.

All the gods went to Vishwaroopa and requested him to become their family priest for performing Yajna.  He accepted their request. By Vishwaroopa’s grace, demon Vrishvarsha was defeated and Lord Indra regained his kingdom.  Lord Indra was happy.  He implored Vishwaroopa to perform a special Yajna for further gains.  Vishwaroopa agreed.  Vishwaroopa had three mouths. With one mouth he sucked the juice of Sompalli a special creeper.  From the second mouth he used to drink wine.  He used his third mouth for eating meals.

Vishwaroopa started performing Yajna. The demon gods were frightened.  They thought a plan to undo the Yajna effects.  One of the demon god went to Vishwaroopa and implored, Honorable Sir, do you know that you belong to demon genealogy from your mother’s side.  Your mother is the daughter of a demon god.  While performing Yajna kindly make some offerings in the names of demon gods for their happiness.  Vishwaroopa agreed to his request. He made some silent offerings to demon gods so that no one may hear it.  The result was that the Yajna’s advantage was divided between dieties and demon gods.

When Lord Indra came to know the treachery, he beheaded Vishwaroopa in a state of extreme anger.  One of his mouth from which he took wine, turned into a black bee.  The second which he used for sucking Sompalli juice became a pigeon while the third one used for taking meals was transformed into a partridge.

Lord Indra’s body was immediately deformed due to sacrilege, the murder of a Brahman.  All the gods made repentance for one year but it had no effect on Indra.  They approached Lord Brahma for seeking some remedy to redeem Indra from the sacrilege.  Lord Brahma accompanied by Brihaspati went to Indra.  He divided the sacrilege four parts.

The first part was given to the earth.  As a result the earth became uneven.  Some of its portion became barren but as a boon he said that the earth would develop power to fill the khuds automatically.   The second part of the sacrilege was given to the trees and as a result they began to ooze gum but as a boon he said that the gum of guggul - bdellium olibanum - will be treated pure and they would have the power to rebud from their roots though their upper portion may be dried up.

The third part of the sacrilege was given to the woman folk and so they experience menstruation. As a boon he blessed them to the pure or chaste on the fourth day and capable to give birth to children.
The fourth portion. of the sacrilege was given to water.  As a result it is covered with aquatic plant or Shaivaal.  As a boon the object in which it is added gains weight.

In this way Lord Brahma freed Indra from the heinous crime by dividing it into four places.  Who so ever reads or listens this story is blessed by Brihaspati.

"Om Brim Brihaspatye Namaha"
"Om Graam Greem Graum Sah Guruve Namaha"
"Om Vrim Brihaspatye Namaha"
"Aum Hreem Kleem Hoom Brihaspatye Namaha"

This attached Yantra bestows power, rank and authority; best for profession and business. 

Eliminates the malefic effects of Jupiter like wind problems etc. 

Mantra - "Om Brahaspatiyai Namah"

"devanam cha rishinam cha gurum kanchana-sannibham
buddhi-bhutam tri-lokesham tam namami brihaspatim" 

“I bow down to Brihaspati, god of the planet Jupiter. He is the spiritual master of all the demigods and sages. His complexion is golden, and he is full of intelligence. He is the controlling lord of all three worlds.”

Wherever there is a serious tension in life, when a sort of all-pervasive materialism invades the human souls, to preserve the equilibrium, the Supreme, though unborn and undying, becomes manifest in the human body to overthrow the forces of ignorance and selfishness.

By His teaching and example, he shows how a human being can raise himself to the higher grade of life.